“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.” Karl Marx.

Welcome to this new kind of website. My aim is to create a source for ideas and discussions about environmental issues; the human environment – our social, economic and political environment – as well as our natural and semi-natural surroundings.

This website is about ideas; it is philosophical in the sense that we consider how the world works, and how it ought to work (in Karl Marx’s sense). But I am not an academically trained philosopher, and the Big Ideas are gleaned from a range of physical and social sciences.

The website will contain regular blogs, and will eventually include an archive of previous entries, short explanations of the big ideas I think are useful, lists of sources and an opportunity for users to e-mail suggestions, amendments and corrections to the entries.

The responsibility for the entries will remain my own, and I shall retain full editorial control, retaining the right to edit, select or exclude any contributions from registered correspondents. Registration as a contributor is conditional upon accepting my conditions, including my right to deregister anyone who fails to meet those conditions.

I hope that the resulting website will develop into a coherent environmental philosophy and manifesto for action, freely available for anyone to use.

Martin Price,

United Kingdom